February 2019 “Sunday School Lessons”

It is funny that my personal devotions co-inside with the pastor’s sermons and the Wednesday night classes.  Verses I have memorized and books I’m currently reading have quotes that seem to belong together.  For example:  The pastor read a poem relating that we often drink from the saucer because the cup has run over.  The Praying the 23rd Psalm by Elmer Towns relates how God fills our cup to overflowing:  the cup is full.  God’s blessings to us are so many that our cup is more than full.

Thank the Lord also that He is watching over us; He is giving us good; He is keeping us close to Him so He can reach our cup to fill it to overflowing.  Reading the Psalm brings us back to the closeness we have experienced and the desire (the passion) to be so close to God everyday at all times.(Pray without ceasing.)  Constantly think of goodness.  We need to enjoy the closeness of God by singing.  This makes life abundant. Praise God with our minds filled with thoughts of ‘things that are true, lovely, gracious, of good merit’ – Philippians 4:8.  As we think of the ‘unseen’ we can rise above the ‘seen’ problems in our lives and walk closer to God so we can REFLECT Jesus to everyone around us.  (II Corinthians 3:18)  Our goal is to be in the image of Christ to the world.